Fashion retailer Jeanswest has the largest range of denim in Australia, which is great for choice but makes it hard to narrow it down to one pair.

To help customers through the decision process, we created an iPad app that hooks up to a large screen in front of the wall of jeans.

It guides you through choices of occasion, style, wash or specialty jean, and shows what the jeans look like worn, even recommending other styles.

With 54,600 images stitched together into swipeable and scalable high-res movies, the jeans are brought to detailed life from every angle and zoom level.

The Jeanswest iDenim match app is the fun and interactive way to help you find your match made in denim.

Jeanswest has the largest range of jeans in Australia. Due to this they had a problem with people struggling to choose from such a large range. The brief was to use technology in store to help people make a decision on which pair of jeans suited them best with a solution that could be tested then replicated throughout all their stores in an inexpensive way.

The Jeanswest customer is young and tech savvy so we decided the personal feel of an iPad was the best delivery device. Not only does the iPad feel personal but it is intuitive and is sexier than a kiosk.

Firstly we let the customer decide whether occasion, wash, style or speciality jean were the most important choice definers. From this choice we then narrowed down the users selection with information on the secondary factors. Once these decisions were made, the jeans were presented on a model showing every angle.

We stitched over 54,600 photographs together rather than using video so that we could maintain the highest quality of product representation. The product heroes allowed users to zoom into any detail of the jeans from every angle, while allowing you to highlight key product features. The model would then spin around to present the feature its the best light. Jeans could be bookmarked to show store attendants after the experience. Depending on the jeans selected, the app would recommend an appropriate retail offer, like 2 pairs for $99.

Bubbles were used as a graphic device for the interface to make the navigation more fun and interactive. They could be dragged around and non navigable bubbles could be popped just for a bit of fun.

The Jeanswest Ipad app has been a great success and the client is looking to roll the iDenim match out nationally. Eventually the app will be available for itunes download.